Chrome Extension

Install the Dashcam Chrome Extension to seamlessly integrate your favorite project management tools
With the Dashcam Chrome Extension, you can quickly embed a clip in Jira, GitHub, or BitBucket!
You can get the Dashcam Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store:


Use the buttons below to learn how the Dashcam Chrome Extension works with your favorite tools.


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Before we begin, you need to have the following:
  • An active Dashcam account. Join the beta here​
  • Dashcam downloaded and installed on a Mac or Windows device
  • Chrome or chromium-based browser
To begin, first open a Chrome or chromium-based browser (i.e. Brave, Chromium, Vivaldi). The browser chosen must be your default browser for the extension to work properly.
Go to the Chrome Store to add the extension here.
Then, click on "Add to Chrome."
A popup will appear. It will ask your permission to read the browser history. The extension uses the browser history to identify if you are on the supported tools in order to add the Dashcam utilities.
Click "Add extension"
The extension will then be installed and automatically placed in the overflow menu.
That installation is complete!

Next Steps

You can use the Dashcam Chrome Extension on GitHub, Jira, and Bitbucket. Learn how to use it on the platforms you use here:
If you have any troubles or questions, please let us know. You can reach us via Discord or by sending a message to [email protected].