Log Files

How to track logs and catch errors from Desktop Apps.

It's especially difficult to paint a full picture when submitting a bug report of desktop apps.

However, attaching desktop logs to Dashcam clips is easy! Supply the directory where the desktop app writes its logfile.

On Mac, this is often in the Library folder.


Once you've located and confirmed the logs exist at such location, navigate to the Dashcam logs panel and configure a new pattern for this file.

  1. Navigate to "Logs" in Dashcam

  2. Select System

  3. Supply the pattern above. The * character is a wildcard.

  4. Click Save

Dashcam will now monitor this file for logs and attach them to your next clip. Launch your desktop app and keep an eye on the log status dropdown to ensure Dashcam is tracking your desktop logs.

Your logs may be in another location, or you may need some special configuration to enable desktop logging. There is no standard method or location for desktop logging, so please consult the application documentation. See Chromium for an example of special configuration

A full replay of what you should experience can be found here below:

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