Welcome to Dashcam

Welcome, developers!

Our docs cover how-to, examples, and references to help you start using Dashcam so you can catch and reproduce bugs and ship better software faster!


  • Dashcam captures bugs the first time they happen on your screen, with error detection and instant-replay.

  • Dashcam plays back debugging information from any browser, log file, or CLI in sync with your screen's footage.

  • Dashcam clips can be uploaded and shared. This makes it easy to document and share bugs with your team.


The Dashcam platform can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Desktop app: The main app, screen recording (with screen editing), log capture and uploader

  • Workspace: Allows you to upload & share your Dashcam clips with others and enables collaboration!

  • Chrome extension: To take the logs from your tabs in Chrome and send them to Dashcam

A Dashcam clip is a mouthful, so from no onwards let's call it a Dash (Dashes plural)

Let's get started with a hands-on exercise.

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