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Trim and crop your clips before saving or sharing.
After creating a clip, you can edit it.
Editing lets you shorten a video into a small, digestible clip. You can use advanced features like cropping to remove elements from the clip you might want to obfuscate.


You may trim the clip by sliding the scrubbers on the playback timeline.
  • Precisely trim your clip: you can adjust the start and end (highlighted by the red arrow and highlighted by the yellow arrow, respectively) scrubbers to cut a clip.


Cropping a video allows you to obfuscate parts of your recording that you might not want to show.
Another reason for cropping is for viewers to focus on a specific part of the screen!
To crop, click the Crop button. A crosshair cursor will appear, and you can select the screen area you want to crop in.
Cropping a Clip
Anything outside of this area will look dimmer and will be left out of your clip when you save it by clicking the Open button.
Here is a video that shows this process and what the result looks like:
Cropping and saving a Clip to your machine
Clips must be at least 5 seconds long.
Once you are satisfied with the duration of your Dashcam clip, save it (clicking the Open button) or upload it to your Workspace: in my example above, I called it "Demo Project".
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