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Basic Usage

To use the dashcam CLI, call dashcam in your terminal!
This will prompt Dashcam to create a clip and show the trimming window.
The Replayable CLI will hang until a clip is published. Once you publish the clip, the resulting URL will be output to your CLI:
You must publish a replay within 30 seconds or the CLI will exit with a failure.


You can supply some advanced options to configure the title, description, and format of your future replay.
The command below will return a markdown link for the published replay.
dashcam --md
[![Dashcam - New Replay](](
Watch [Dashcam - New Replay]( on Dashcam
See below for a full list of options.
Usage: dashcam [options]
Create a replay and output the resulting url or markdown. Will launch desktop app for local editing before publishing.
-t, --title <string> Title of the replay. Automatically generated if not supplied.
-d, --description [text] Replay markdown body. This may also be piped in: `cat | dashcam create`
--md Returns code for a rich markdown image link.
-h, --help display help for command