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Capture logs and errors from your web app!

Get the Dashcam Chrome Extension

The Dashcam Chrome extension enables you to capture logs, errors, and network requests from any website. Get it by clicking this link:

Dashcam is automatically set up to capture logs from localhost. If that's enough, you can continue setup.

Capture logs from a website

Click "Add this site" to configure a new Logs pattern. Now Dashcam will capture logs and network requests from that site!

Match any site with wildcards

Need to capture more than one page? Navigate to the log configuration panel in the Desktop App and configure a wildcard pattern.

  1. Create a new log pattern and supply a name.

  2. Select Web to enable log tracking of your website

  3. Supply domain patterns of the websites you'd like to track. Any * characters are treated as a wildcard.

See below for an example of a configuration that would track the Dashcam site.

Now navigate to your site and confirm that logs are being sent to the logs dropdown!

If logs aren't being captured

  1. Check that the Chrome extension shows a "Connected" state.

  2. The Chrome Extension may take up to 30 seconds to connect to the desktop app.

  3. Verify that your website pattern matches the requested URL.

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