How Does Dashcam Work?

Edit Window

Slide the posts at the beginning and end of the clip to trim it down to the part you want.

Published Clips

A clip is not online until it’s published.


Projects are just folders of replays or clips that have been uploaded. Each replay can only belong to one project.

Clip Buffer

A Clip buffer is what lets you save the last period of time that’s been recorded. Typically replay buffers are short, like 30 seconds to a few minutes. Ours is 7 days because work is slow.

Note: Autoclip must be enabled for the Clip Buffer to be available

Old content is deleted as new content is created. That’s why it’s called a buffer.

Dashcam records everything that happens on your screen into the clip buffer and splits it into smaller clips automatically when you go idle.

Buffer Clips

When you click on any individual clip within the feed, you’ll launch the edit window where you can trim it down.

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