📂Your workspace

Dashcam clips can be uploaded and organized in a Workspace. Let's explore this feature

Signing up to Dashcam to use the team features requires creating a workspace.

A workspace can be thought as a vault where your clips (and other information such as metadata, logs, etc.) are securely stored.

Workspace Privacy

Each workspace is private to its creator by default, meaning nobody can see its clips except the owner.

However, you can invite other users to be part of your workspace. This is great because teams who want to work together can now access collaboration features.

When you upload a Clip from the Dashcam Clip Editor, it is uploaded to your workspace.

Workspace organization

A workspace can have multiple folders (we call these projects).

You can create these folders to help you organize your clips.

As a workspace member, you can browse uploaded clips, change clip-sharing settings, and analyze logs that come with the clip.

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