Upload clips with ease to Bitbucket with the Dashcam Chrome Extension

The Dashcam Chrome extension will make it simple to attach Replays to Bitbucket.

What you need:

  • An active Dashcam account.

  • Dashcam downloaded and installed on a Mac or Windows device

  • Chrome or chromium-based browser

Firstly, you can install the extension at the Chrome web store. Or go through our tutorial on how to install

Confirm that you are logged in to the Dashcam desktop application, and it is actively recording.

Next, go to Bitbucket and go to a repository. In a pull request you will see that the Dashcam extension provides a button to attach a clip

Click "Attach Clip". A prompt asking for permission to open the Dashcam app from Bitbucket will popup on first yes.

You can check "Always allow..." to never see this prompt again, and then click "Open Dashcam"

You will then seen Dashcam will then pop up.

If you have recent uploads, there will be an option to choice one in the recent uploads dropdown.\

Otherwise, you can create the clip on the fly!

Click "Create Clip", then trim, crop, and select the project you wish to upload this clip to. Here's more on how to create a clip

You will see two links in prepared markdown. The first one is a GIF of the reply, and the second a direct link to the clip on dasham.io

Click "Save" to post the comment to Bitbucket (and your comments describing it!)

Congratulations on attaching your first Dashcam clip to Bitbucket with the Dashcam Chrome extension!

If you have any troubles or question, please let us know. You can reach us via Discord or send a message to support@dashcam.io.

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