How Dashcam captures bugs and issues to make your local development and testing routines better.

Here are the most important things to know about Dashcam:

  • The app runs in the background and can be accessed from its tray icon.

  • By default, the app records all activity on your primary screen but supports multiple displays by changing a setting.

  • Screen recordings are stored on your computer.

  • Nothing is uploaded without your consent.

  • Clips can be cropped and trimmed for your benefit with our in-built Clip Editor.

  • You can configure the app to capture errors and logs from desktop and web applications.

  • You can optionally choose to upload and share your clips and logs with others.

  • The app integrates with Jira: creating issue tickets on your board from the app in 1 click.

How to use Dashcam

Installing the app

On Mac OS, after you install the application, you will be asked to provide access to a set of permissions. Please do that and refer to this page for a detailed explanation.

On Windows, run the installer, and the app will install. No additional steps are required.


After installing the app, you will be presented with a quick onboarding sequence; you will have a chance to review how Dashcam works at a high level and accept the TOS and Privacy Policy.

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