Clip Expiration

Dashcam records your screen autonomously and maintain a history of how many clips are stored on your machine

Dashcam automatically creates clips from your screen activity, which are stored on your machine regularly.

This allows Dashcam to generate clips as you work, in the background. However, because we understand that disk space is important, Dashcam retains a limited amount of clips. This setting decides how long clips are stored.

Locked and Unlocked clips

Locked clips don't clear automatically. Unlocked clips do.

When Dashcam is recording, the clips created are unlocked: using this feature will ensure you can always go back and rewatch up to 3 days of screen activity. By default, it is set to 1 hour.

You can lock clips by toggling the lock button as shown below

You can manually create clips by clicking the Create Clip button, using hotkeys (Mac: Command + Option + R, Windows: Control + Alt + R), or using the CLI. Using manual clipping creates clips locked by default.

You can also choose the range for Clips History. This gives you control over how much data to keep locally.

The amount of storage required for your video will vary based on the dimensions of the screen being recorded. For example, roughly 2 gigabytes of video will be generated per hour on a 16" MacBook Pro.

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