Communicate issues, bugs, ideas to GitHub with the Dashcam Chrome extension

Upload clips to GitHub with the Dashcam Chrome extension.

What you need:

  • An active Dashcam account. Join the beta here

  • Download and install Dashcam on a Mac or Windows device

  • Chrome or chromium-based browser

Install the extension at the Chrome web store, or use our installation tutorial

Make sure that you have the Dashcam desktop application active and running. You must be logged in for this extension to work properly.

Next, go to a GitHub repository. In any place you can comment, you can quickly attach a clip.

Click "Attach Clip".

A prompt will appear asking your permission to open the Dashcam desktop application.

You can check "Always allow..." to never see this prompt again. Then, click "Open Dashcam" to continue.

Next, if you have recent uploads to share, the Uploads dropdown will appear. Click the one that you wish to share.

If you don't have any recent uploads, you can create one.

Once you click an upload, Dashcam will upload the clip and automatically put content into GitHub textarea.

The content is markdown-prepared. The first link will be a GIF of the clip, and the second will be a link to the clip on dashcam.io.

Click "Preview" to see what the markdown will look like once rendered.

Now that you have attached the clip to your message, you can then click Comment to share your clip with the world!

If you have any trouble, please let us know. You can reach us via Discord or by sending a message to [email protected].

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