This command will return a gif preview of your replay hotlinked to the full video along with the title.

dashcam --md

Here's an example of what it returns:

[![Dashcam - New Replay](https://replayable-api-production.herokuapp.com/replay/123/gif?shareKey=xyz)](https://dashcam.io/replay/123?share=xyz)

Watch [Dashcam - New Replay](https://dashcam.io/replay/123?share=xyz) on Dashcam

Set a replay title

This will set the title of the replay clip once published. Note that this is not shown in the local video editor before publish.

dashcam -t "My New Title"

Attach the last 20 CLI commands to the replay body

The replay body can be piped in! This command will use the unix history command to populate the replay body with the last 20 commands run in the terminal.

history -20 | dashcam

Attach a logfile to the replay

This will attach the mac system log to the replay. This probably won't be terribly useful, but you can imagine how helpful it would be to attach your own application logs!

cat /var/log/system.log | dashcam

Embed a replay in the body of a git commit

The command below will attach your replay to a git commit. The ticks (``) execute the Dashcam cli before the git commit command is run.

git commit -am "`dashcam`"

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