Creating a Clip

How you can create a clip with Dashcam
A clip is a way to efficiently and quickly share your screen activity with anyone.
Instead of sharing hours and hours of footage from your screen recording, a clip makes it simple to boil down information into a short video.
Clips are powerful because they can be embedded almost anywhere, and you retain control over what is shown because you can crop and trim a clip to meet your needs.
There are two ways to create a clip:
  1. 1.
    Manually - by clicking the Create Clip button in the main app
  2. 2.
    Automatically - by letting Dashcam create clips at intervals
You can easily make a clip with the system-wide hotkey!
Command + Option + R on Mac or Control + Alt + R on Windows.
By default, a new window will pop up containing a screen recording. This shows all your activity since you last went idle or clicked Create Clip.
You can decide whether to turn this into a Clip and save it or upload it securely to your workspace if you're authenticated.
The Clip Editor main view
Whenever you click Create Clip or go idle, Dashcam will stop recording and append a new video to your clip history.
Please note that while we will do everything possible to avoid it, we reserve the right to delete clips during our beta period.